Replicability and Generalizability of Instructional Technology Studies

With the maturity of Computerized Tutoring Systems and Educational Data Mining tools, there is a great opportunity to refine our understanding of recent findings by examining how these findings can generalize from the target learning topic to a novel learning topic, the extent that the findings can be reproduced by other researchers on an "equivalent", but distinct population, and how the findings generalize to a larger corpus of learning or to a larger, broader or different population/demographic. This tutorial will discuss aspects of experimental design, methods of data acquisition, and guidelines for describing our research to improve our ability to discover how repeatable and generalizable our results can be.

Files for tutorial:
WRGITS files (5.8 MB)
EDM 2014 Full Papers (30.4 MB)

Worksheet for evaluating replicability and generalizability of an existing paper:

Replicability Worksheet (53 KB)

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